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Right now, there are
2.7 million
women of color with the skills to transfer into tech.
Women of color account for
of the U.S population, yet only represent 6% of the workers in tech and tech-enabled sectors.
Representation of women of color must increase from
6% to 10%
to achieve equity in the tech industry.

Diversifying the tech industry is not only a human rights issue, but a business imperative in one of the fastest-growing sectors of our time. We must command a shift in the industry to prioritize skills over pedigree – in hiring, in training, and how we advance individuals to drive positive change in their lives and communities.

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A breakthrough new resource providing actionable strategies and guidelines for companies to jumpstart and/or update existing practices to recruit, retain, and advance women of color in their workforces.

NPower creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities.

The Command Shift Coalition was sparked by a special initiative developed by NPower and in partnership with the Citi Foundation to help young women of color access the skills needed to launch careers in the tech industry.

The Diversity Directive

The Equation for Equality report is an original research by the Command Shift coalition that unveils a previously overlooked, viable talent pipeline of 2.7M women of color ready for careers in tech. Authored by Lightcast, the findings shatter the long-held notion that there is a lack of skilled women of color ready for tech.


Diversity and inclusion in the tech sector has progressed minimally over the last decade, proving there is much more work to be done to truly achieve equality for women of color in this sector. When women of color are given opportunities in tech and their growth is prioritized, everyone wins, including the bottom line.

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