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The Diversity Directive: Empowering and effective strategies to dismantle barriers and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion for women of color.

Guiding Principles

Our focus is on how employers can be proactive in adopting policies and practices to hire, recruit, and retain women of color in technology roles, particularly those who enter the field through nontraditional pathways. The toolkit seeks to lift up systemic and structural practices that can help create a culture of inclusion and belonging, rather than simply addressing the issue of increasing representation.

In addition, we center intersectionality in our toolkit. While there are many well-intentioned initiatives to support increasing the engagement of women in technology, many of these primarily benefit white women. Our focus is squarely on underrepresented women of color in technology, particularly Black, Latina, and Native American women, and the myriad ways in which multiple forms of discrimination can impact their experience.

Finally, while we provide action steps in each toolkit to advance equity and inclusion within technology roles, these toolkits are not intended to be checklists. We recognize that shifting culture and organizational practices takes time, that there are likely to be fits and starts along the way, and that it is an ongoing learning journey.

Shift Your DEI By The Numbers
Collect DEI data consistently and comprehensively to bring clarity and accountability to DEI initiatives and achieve lasting results.
Creative Photo Expressions
Recruitment & Hiring Policies
Shift Towards Inclusive Hiring
Build a culture of belonging to promote retention and advancement for Black, Latina, and Native American women in tech.
Social Investment
Shift Towards Transformational Investment
Invest in new talent pipelines to harness the untapped potential of women of color in addressing the technology skills shortage.
Retention & Advancement Policies
Shift Towards Equitable Culture
Build a culture of belonging to promote retention and advancement for Black, Latina, and Native American women in tech.

A special thank you to the Command Shift Coalition for their investment and insights in creating the Diversity Directive and to the Diversity Directive lead authors – Matthew Walsh from Lightcast and Seema Shah from COMM|VEDA Consulting LLC.


Diversity and inclusion in the tech sector has progressed minimally over the last decade, proving there is much more work to be done to truly achieve equality for women of color in this sector. When women of color are given opportunities in tech and their growth is prioritized, everyone wins, including the bottom line.

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